Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today kicks off the Creating Dreams Come True Adventure and our first assignment is to make a list of our dreams and post it online. Andrea suggested we list 100 or more small, medium, and large dreams, but I'm choosing to focus specifically on my dreams for 2010. I believe nothing is more powerful than focused energy, so I would rather focus my energy on specific dreams for 2010, rather than dissipate it by trying to focus on too much at once. But, that's me. Everyone has to do this program in the way they feel will work best for them. So, here's my list for 2010:

  • To focus more than ever on my writing, both fiction and non-fiction
  • To finish the romance novel I'm writing
  • To create tutorials on sculpting that I will make available for sale
  • To get more free publicity for my artwork in the form of articles on blogs and in publications
  • To continue to build my illustration portfolio
  • To redesign my website
  • To regain my blog following and reach even more people
  • To create more videos for You Tube
  • To do more needle felting, along with my clay sculpture
  • To USE my airbrushes on a regular basis
  • To learn to work more with digital art
  • To license my artwork
  • To travel more - this year to Ireland and Scotland, land of my ancestors
  • To take more time to expand and enjoy my social life
  • To take better care of myself

I'll probably add more as I go along, but this is plenty to get me started on the new year. :o)

I didn't want to lose the lovely comments I received when I moved this post here, so I copied and pasted them. Hope nobody minds.
Carrie Anspach said...

Hello Ginny!

I'm on the creative adventure as well and I love you list! I love your focused energy concept and I look forward to seeing all these dreams and more come true for you this year!

roz said...

Happy New Year, Ginny. I think I'll hop in your bag when you head to Ireland and Scotland. I am half British and desperate to go back for a visit. I was actually married in Scotland. Edinburgh.
Hope you're settling in well to your new digs. It's so funny to me that we were both in Vegas and now in the Mid West.

ABCcreativity said...

great list ginny!

yes we all have to do everything in whatever way feels right for us :)

Redheaded Stepchild said...

I look forward to seeing you and the rest of us creative dreamers fulfill our dream goals!

Ginny Baker said...

Thanks ladies! I'm off to respond to each of you on your own blogs. :o)

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  1. Hi Ginny! I am just beginning my journey with Andrea's wonderful sight!I have been a folk artist for over 20 years and am just finding out now what I truly want to do! Primitive folk art was what always sold, but I feel like I am being pulled in more colorful and expressive mediums. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog..i hope you visit often!