Sunday, January 24, 2010



This week we're supposed to design a system to track our successes as we travel on our creative journey towards our dreams.

I'm just using a notebook at the moment. I record the date, and what I accomplished that day towards my goals, and then I set my intentions for the following day.

What I’ve done recently towards my goals:

Romance Novel:
I created an outline from all of my notes, so that I know which scenes/plot points need to be in which chapter and roughly how many chapters I’m going to have.
I added several pages to the chapter I’m currently working on
I also worked on a query letter. Though I’m a long way off from needing one, it helped me to figure out the “hook” for my romance, and how I will promote it when the time comes.

Entered into a program to learn more about licensing
Doing research on the type of products I would like to license
Working towards creating a line to market

Submitted an illustration to “Illustration Friday”
Purchased two books on freelance illustration
Received high praise for my work from two of my favorite illustrators :o)

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